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Guardian safety and security designers stay with each project from start to finish. We manage and coordinate manpower, materials and schedules. Designers also handle contract documentation, design and hydraulic calculations, as well as stay informed on code and insurance compliance.

We provide our staff with the latest in design software, as well as state-of-the-art, fixed and portable hardware to allow on-site design.

Guardian safety and security maintains a complete library of state, city, military and insurance codes and standards to assure design compliance where we are licensed and have completed work.

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Annual Maintenance Contract

The fire Annual Maintenance Contract clearly articulates the regular inspection, testing, and maintenance of the fire protection systems of the entire building, such as fire alarms, sprinklers, and emergency lighting systems.
It is important to take preventative measures to reduce the risk of a fire and to be prepared in case one does occur.


Fire Alarm System

Fire alarm systems offer early detection in case of fire to evacuate the building and alert the fire department. An automatic fire alarm system is designed to detect the unwanted presence of fire by monitoring environmental changes associated with combustion. In general, a fire alarm system is either classified as automatically actuated, manually actuated, or both. Automatic fire alarm systems can be used to notify people to evacuate in the event of a fire or other emergency, to summon emergency services, and to prepare the structure and associated systems to control the spread of fire and smoke.
Specialized Cleaning Services

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Emergency / Exit Lights

Emergency lighting makes it possible to safely stop working and evacuate the building, by following the exit lights, in case of an emergency. Emergency lighting is a standalone backup system, which does not rely on the functionality of the general electrical distribution system in the building. A key element of the requirements for emergency lighting is when the supply to all or part of the normal lighting in occupied premises fails. .

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Sprinkler Systems

A fire sprinkler system is an active fire protection measure, consisting of a water supply system, providing adequate pressure and flowrate to a water distribution piping system, onto which fire sprinklers are connected. Although historically only used in factories and large commercial buildings, home and small building systems are now available at a cost-effective price.

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Fire Fighting Pumps

A fire pump is a part of a fire sprinkler system's water supply and can be powered by electricity or diesel. The pump intake is either connected to the public underground water supply piping, or a static water source (e.g., tank, reservoir, lake). The pump provides water flow at a higher pressure to the sprinkler system risers and hose standpipes. A fire pump is tested and listed for its use specifically for fire service by a third-party testing and listing agency, such as UL or FM Global..

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Portable Fire Extinguishers

A key component of any life safety strategy, fire extinguishers can contain fires before they get out of hand. We offer testing and inspection of all types of fire extinguishers and wheeled units. A fire extinguisher is an active fire protection device used to extinguish or control small fires, often in emergency situations.

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Fire Hose Reels

Fire hose reels are located to provide a reasonably accessible and controlled supply of water to combat a potential fire risk. The length of a fully extended fire hose is 36 meters with a diameter of 19mm (outside diameter).

These appliances are designed to deliver, as a minimum, 0.33L of water per second. A control nozzle attached to the end of the hose enables the operator to control the direction and flow of water to the fire. All fire hose reels come with a unique ball valve shut-off device, a plastic or solid brass hose reel nozzle and mounting bracket..


Deluge System

Deluge Systems provide fast and total wetting of protected areas, and are frequently used in extra-hazard risks such as aircraft hangars, power generating stations, and petrochemical facilities. For dependable, hazard-specific operation, Deluge Systems can include a manual, pneumatic, hydraulic, or any type of electric detection/release system.

These systems have a water supply that is held back by a deluge valve which remains closed until the detection or release system opens the valve. When the valve is opened water floods through the system over the entire area that the system covers.

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Foam System

Any Sprinkler system—Wet, Dry, Deluge, or Preaction—can be adapted to include the injection of foam concentrate in order to combat high risks such as flammable fuels and alcohol.

The primary components added to the sprinkler system riser include bladder tanks to hold the foam concentrate, concentrate control valves to isolate the sprinkler system from the concentrate until activation and proportioners for mixing the appropriate amount of foam concentrate with the system supply water.

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Fire Hydrants / Standpipe (Dry / Wet)

Fire hydrant system is a safety measure or emergency equipment required in buildings that comprises a series of components that when assembled together provide a source of water to assist firefighting.

A fire hydrant / Standby Pipe system is a visible connection point placed in defined locations for firefighters to tap into a water supply. All buildings, parking areas, roadsides, mines, industrial areas, etc. must have fire hydrants / Standpipe system with a connection to a water service network. They are designed to provide the water required by firefighters instantly to fight and extinguish a fire.


Kitchen Suppression

Commercial kitchen environments pose an extra high risk for fire and therefore require extra protection. Protect your employees, equipment and business continuity with a Wet Chemical Kitchen Suppression System.

Guardian Safety & Security LLC supplies, installs and maintain kitchen hood suppression systems as per NFPA 17A standards and in full compliance with the Civil Defense requirements.

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